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Planing a wedding is hard, there is so many things to think about! The dress, the shoes, the rings, the suits and the list goes on! As you’re probably already aware most weddings will involve flowers in some way or another. In most cases the bride will carry a bouquet, followed by bridesmaids flowers, a few buttonholes and perhaps a top table arrangements but this does vary from wedding to wedding. It’s a very personal aspect to a wedding as often we become very fond of certain flowers and can dislike others.

Choosing your flowers maybe quite easy, especially if you have a favourite flower or colour scheme in mind. However, choosing the type of flowers is sometimes the challenging part. For many years, centuries even, people would chosen real flowers for their arrangements and this may have been because they were unaware of the other options out there. I’m here to tell you about artificial flowers (sometimes referred to as silk flowers) and how they are perfect for wedding arrangements for so many reasons!

When using real flowers you are limited to the type of flowers and colours available.

Definitely the most important reason for having artificial flowers is that you can keep them forever. Flowers are a huge part of your wedding, so why would you want to just throw them away after your special day! Instead why not buy a lovely vase and use your bouquet for a stunning flower arrangement in your home. You could also gift your other flowers to family and friends for them to take home and reminisce about your amazing wedding day! Which of course it will be amazing!!
When using real flowers you are limited to the type of flowers and colours available. With artificial flowers you can have whatever flowers or colours you wish no matter what season. The possibilities are endless!
Planning your magical day can be challenging and trying to ensure you’ve thought of everything is a whole other ball game. A huge benefit of having artificial flowers is that you can order them in months, even years in advance and they will keep until your wedding day and even after that. Unlike real flower, artificial flowers will not wilt throughout the day or loose there shape. On a hot summery day real flowers require a lot of attention to ensure they stay well hydrated and some need to stay out of the sun. With artificial flowers you need not worry about this, you can set them up in the morning and leave them until the following morning and they will still look as stunning as they did when they were first set them up.
Listen, real flowers are great and a lot of people prefer this option but imagine you notice a big yellow stain on your gorgeous and not forgetting expensive wedding dress! Not ideal right! If you’ve spent a lot of money on your dress then the worse thing possible is for it to be ruined. Solution? Yep you guessed it! Artificial flowers!! They’re not going to leave any marks or stains on your dress and they’ll save you money on dry cleaning bills.
Ok, so everyone wants to live out their bridal fantasy by throwing their bouquet over their head for their guests to catch, right? But, are you worried that this will ruin your bouquet? Well with artificial flower you can live your fantasy to the fullest without worrying about them being ruined. As artificial flowers are not as delicate as real flower they are able to be handled much more, so enjoy the moment.
Okay so its no secret that weddings are expensive, you just need to mention the word wedding and the price doubles! Many people try different methods to keep the price down. For example, making their own, buying budget flowers which are pre made, buying second hand and the list could go on. Don’t get me wrong this sometimes can work out cheaper and with no problems to face. However, for many people this is not the case! Buying cheap is not always the answer. Flowers are a huge part of your wedding and an even bigger part in your photos. If you buy poor quality artificial flowers this will show in your photos! Make sure you do you research, many florists who create bespoke artificial flowers are more affordable then you may think but please remember to be realistic! Take into account the time it takes for your florist to make your flowers and the extra costs which may be involved that you are unaware of (but i wont bore you with those details). If you’re unable to attend your florist face to face then ask for a sample to be sent and always look at their previous work.
Are artificial flowers tacky? Now this is a question which is asked frequently and the answer is yes and no! As previously mentioned if you buy cheap flowers, they may be poor quality and look cheap. If you do you research and ensure you have bagged yourself a good florist who supplies good quality flowers and takes time to create your arrangements then the flowers will look natural and should look very similar to real flowers. After all this is the aim! Tacky is a personal opinion, not everyone is going to want artificial flowers and not everyone is going to want real. Just make sure you do your research and choose what is right for you!

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