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Be organised

No matter how long it is before you get married make sure you start planning early. You might want to start booking in suppliers or perhaps you would just like to create a list of potential suppliers for a later date. No matter how you start planning, start early, you’ll thank yourself later!


Get creative

Even if you do not have a creative bone in your body, there will be some aspect of your special day you can get involved in. You could make your wedding favours, create personalised invitations or maybe a welcome sign. The possibilities are endless.


Shop online

Many people believe that you have to buy your wedding items from premium retailers. However, there are many ways you can buy online and saves hundreds! Try searching on an online marketplace or use a wholesale website.


Shop sale

It’s surprising what deals you can grab when you shop in the sale section. Most bridal stores will offer sample sale wedding dresses, this is a perfect way to save money on your special dress. Another trick is to shop at high street retailers and see what sales items they have, you might find yourself a stunning bridesmaids dress at half price or some discounted bridal jewellery.


Join Facebook 

If you’re already a member of Facebook, there are a lot of wedding related Facebook groups you can join. These types of groups are a great way to meet other brides and grooms who are most probably having the same stresses as you! You can help each other by sharing your ideas and offering support. These groups are not only good for community but you can also grab some great deals.


Keep some things a surprise 

When planning your wedding it’s easy to tell everyone you know what you’ve got planned for the big day. Instead try and keep some elements a secret. Whether you want to surprise your new hubby with a sentimental gesture or maybe you want to shock your guests with a surprise guest singer or magician. Little things like this make your special day one to be remembered by all.


Don’t waste money

Every bride and groom is different and that goes for their personal preferences too. Some couples want are large, loud and proud wedding where as others may want an intimate, low key wedding. So do some research and find out what you want. It is important to remember, no matter what size wedding you have, there are many ways to spend money! Sometimes unnecessarily! Think about what you took notice of when you last attended a wedding. Did you notice there favours for example? Did they have a guest book? Did you notice what type of card box they had? These small things all add up! For example, if you have 80 guests at your wedding and you spend £2 each on wedding favours (which many won’t even notice) you could save yourself £160! Then add on a fancy guest book (£30) and card box or post box (£40) that’s £240 you could save and perhaps use else where. Which bring me onto the next point!


Good photographer

One thing you should never go budget on is a photographer! Photography is a hard skill and if you want perfect photos from your magical day then don’t buy cheap. To some, snapping photos may seem easy but there is much much more to it than that!


Create a playlist

When you’re getting ready for your special day and getting glammed up with your bridesmaids, you don’t want to just sit in silence! You want to create a fun atmosphere and get excited for the day ahead. Create a getting ready playlist with some of your favourite and most memorable songs. This will help to relax your nerves and create conversation between you and your bridesmaids and close family.


Take a moment

Your wedding day will be over in a flash! Make sure you sit for a moment and take it all in. Enjoy your time with your bridesmaids in the morning (you may not have seen them in a while), take a second to cherish the moment just before you walk down the aisle, sit back and watch your guests mingle and try not to rush the day.


Good quality flowers 

Whether you choose real or artificial flowers, make sure you do your research! Check out their website, scroll through their social media and ask them lots of questions. Your flowers will be in most pictures so they need to look incredible. Unsure what style you want or can’t decide whether to have real or artificial wedding flowers, check out my other blogs to find out more!


Get a trial

You want to look your best on your wedding day! Your hair and make-up will be the centre of attention so it is extremely important to ensure you have a good hair stylist and make-up artist. The only way really to ensure you have chosen the best, is to have a trial. Everyone is different, their hair type, length, their skin type, dry, sensitive and this list goes on. You need to try their products before the big day, to make sure everything looks perfect and if it’s not, then you have time to change it.


Cake alternatives

Traditional or non traditional, there are many variations of wedding cakes. Maybe you want to keep it very traditional with fruit and marzipan wedding cake or maybe you want to forget wedding cake all together and get a tiered ‘cheese’ cake, yep that’s right, cheese! There are so many options you can choose from but they will all be delicious!


Guest list 

Stop stressing! Choosing which guests are invited to your wedding can be difficult, especially if you have a large and maybe complex family. But you should invite the people you want to invite! Haven’t spoken to ‘uncle joe’ in 3 years then don’t invite him, no longer speak to your best friend from uni then don’t invite them. It’s your day and you want to share your day with people who are here for you now and show that they care about you.



Choosing which food to serve is not as hard as you may think. Your venue may be providing your food choice or perhaps you’re bringing in someone external. Choose something that will please all. For example, chicken for main is normally an easy choice and usually suits all. If you have a food choice then make sure you write it down. Your guests will not remember what they ordered on the day!


Off the rack

Buying off the rack is a great way to save hundreds and sometimes thousands of pounds! Check out your local bridal store and ask them if they’ll sell off the rack. This is similar to buying a sample sale dress but instead you’re buying a display dress (basically the same thing but the display dress may not be advertised as sale). Either way always try and get a bargain!


Create a new tradition

Your wedding day is special and individual to you. Some may disagree with decisions you make about your day as they may not be the traditional way of doing a wedding but how about you create a new and fresh tradition. Whatever it maybe, make it special.



Try not to worry about how your wedding is going to go, it will be perfect!

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