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Trying to choose your wedding flowers? Finding the perfect bouquet can be difficult, especially with the amount of choice out there. So I’m here to help!

Keep in mind the season in which you are getting married. This might help you decide what type of flowers you want to include in your wedding bouquet. You may decide you want stunning sunflowers in your arrangement which would be perfect for summer or early autumn. Getting married in the spring? Then how about some beautiful wild flowers?


Another aspect to think about, is the style of your bouquet arrangement. By this i mean: do you love the boho messy style bouquet? Or do you prefer a more formal neat looking bouquet?


Whatever you decide, just remember it’s your wedding and your choice! I hear about so many brides changing their minds just because someone said they didn’t like it!! Who cares what they think!! When they get married then they can pick their own flowers!


Ok, so now for the good stuff! Below, I have gathered my top picks for different style wedding bouquets.

The messy bouquet:

Starting with one of my personal favourites, this absolutely stunning white and green messy bouquet is literally perfect for all seasons! Keeping it simple with white flowers, is always a good go-to if your struggling to pick a colour scheme. If you’re anything like me where colour scares you, then picking a simple colour scheme is the perfect choice.

When deciding on a theme for you wedding, it is important to think about whether a messy bouquet will work. If you want a formal wedding where everything is perfectly placed then I personally wouldn’t pick this type of bouquet. BUT, like I said before; if a messy bouquet is what YOU want, then GO FOR IT!!

The Posy Bouquet:

Now onto the complete opposite to the messy bouquet, the Posy bouquet. This type of bouquet is a classic and is mainly composed of just flowers. The Posy bouquet is perfect for a formal style wedding, with its perfectly shaped flowers and its elegant appearance.

A blue and white colour scheme with a sprinkling of silver is a match made in heaven for a winter wedding. When put together in a posy style bouquet it will really makes it stand out from the crowd.
The posy bouquet is perfect for any season, come rain or shine!!

The teardrop Bouquet:

If you’re a fan of the posy bouquet but you’re looking for something a bit bolder, then the teardrop bouquet maybe be perfect for you!! With it’s similar appearance to the posy and perfect finish, the teardrop bouquet has a beautiful extra element. Like the name suggests, this style of bouquet is perfectly shaped like a teardrop! Happy tears of course!!

Cascading bouquet:

Simply breathtaking!! That’s what your guests will be saying when you walk down the isle with a stunning cascading bouquet in hand! If you’re looking for a large, bold and dramatic bouquet then the cascading bouquet is the way to go! This style bouquet is filled with beautiful flowers and greenery but what’s special about this bouquet, is that it flows perfectly like a waterfall and is truly breathtaking!!


Rounded bouquet:

The rounded bouquet is pretty self explanatory and you would assume it is the same as the posy bouquet however they do differ slightly. The posy bouquet is perfectly rounded without a flower out of place, where as the rounded bouquet has more texture and can fall into the category of the messy bouquet. Rounded bouquets look stunning when hand tied with ribbon or rustic rope, leaving the stems exposed is also a nice touch to create character.


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